About us

With over 20 years of experience in the custom furniture business, our team is composed of technically qualified, competent staff who is knowledgeable and up-to-date regarding trends, styles and custom work. We strive to listen carefully to your needs and pride ourselves in a hands-on approach to finding solutions to even the most complex furnishing needs. The member of our staff who welcomes you into our store, will follow you throughout your journey with us, from choosing what works best for you all the way to checking in with you after every piece is installed, offerring excellent service in all the phases of your project. Our installers work side-by-side with our project managers. These well-trained, professional members of our team, are ready and willing to execute large and small custom finishings, with specific modifications to best fit your space.

Paolo Piselli

Andrea Piselli

Giuliana Donno

Giorgia Mondini Maj

Elena Redivo

Elisabetta Bernasconi

Valentina De Simone



Our Milan store is in the heart of the city and grew out of the close collaboration with Snaidero, quickly becoming their main showroom. In this space, our dedicated staff not only presents the latest and newest pieces from Snaidero kitchens, but will walk you through every detail of the custom work each kitchen offers, as well as, discussing innovations in materials and appliances. You may tour our interesting layouts for both day and night living areas, sofas and see our space-saving ideas. We will expertly guide you to choosing pieces for every room in your home by having all the companies that sell through our Opera store at our fingertips.


Our Opera showroom is our original store which opened in 2001. It boasts a large surface area with many living spaces displayed on two floors, is always updated and has interesting tidbits to give you new ideas for connecting with the latest designs in contemporary living. In our store you can move freely among our kitchen displays, bathrooms, children’s rooms, furniture for night and day areas of the home, sofas, doors and accessories arranged to show you how they would look in your space. You will always find prices cleraly labeled and comfortable parking in our private, internal lot reserved for all our patrons.