Our rest and intimacy deserve a room with a unique touch. Let us begin with the bed, the king of the night living space…If you need extra space for seasonal wardrobe changes, you will surely pick a storage bed, all available with a wide selection of finishing, in wood or fabric. Instead, if you have a wonderfully large space, a canopy bed will surely give your room a special touch. Is your bed your favorite “reading nook”? Come explore our models complete with organized headboards for holding magazines, books, tablets and cell phones. To top off your look, choose from our vast array of nightstands in different materials such as laminate, wood, marble, lacquered, fabric and glass. What’s left? Organizing your clothes, sheets and towels will be a breeze with our drawer chests and dressers. These classic and contemporary pieces come in endless finishings and sizes. If space is a factor and you cannot fit a traditional dresser, a “settimanale”, a special cut chest of drawers that is thin and tall with additional drawers, is the perfect choice for you. These also come in a variety of models, from the more classic styles to modern design. Take a walk through all of our ideas and prepare to create the room of your dreams.