Curtains and linens give any space its character and style. At Misura Casa you can choose from a vast array of fabrics (washable and anti-wrinkle) in different arrangements: from soft materials to crinkled, from paneled collections to special details and edgings. How will you ever pick the right ones for your home? Let our interior consultants help you in your choice, while keeping in mind both elegance and function. If you have a large space to fill, you may want to opt for sliding panel curtains that give your room both a touch of Asia and separate different areas. In the kitchen, easy-to-use Roman blinds work well. The living room might be the perfect place to show your true colors with more structured fabrics in a hue that complements your sofa, while the bathroom might work best with ultralight linen or breathable fabrics, giving your space a chic touch. The bedroom gives you ample choices with double layered curtains that will protect your wakeups from too intense a light, just like in the best hotels. One last thing, your linens… even here we can work together to find the perfect combinations that complement the color palette in your room, to make a cozy, welcoming space in which to go to sleep each night and wake up each morning.