Accessories and furnishings are functional or design pieces that give character to every room in your house. Let us start from your entrance, personalize it with entryway furniture, entryway sets, movable hooks, suspension lamps with single or cluster lights. In your bedrooms, you may choose to have mirrors in many shapes and materials from a teardrop framed in bronzed crystal to prism mirrors with a sloping surface. Want the best space-saving solutions? Wall-mounted shoe racks in wood or colorful laquer or even maxi-shoe cabinets for a growing family’s needs. To personalize your living space, choose from different styles of tv/stereo cabinets, home office furniture, floor lamps with frosted bulbs and tables of every shape and size. And to fully complete your project and bring everything together, a wide selection of carpets in different styles and sizes, to bring warmth and design to any space.