Children’s rooms are among the most versatile and adjustable spaces in the house. There are many factors they must meet, from following safety guidelines to using eco-friendly materials and most importantly, growing with the child as they move through their first phases in life. From play corners for little ones and their friends to cozy sleeping areas to study nooks when school rolls around. Our rooms for kids and teens satisfy all these points and more. Our wide selection includes pieces that have been designed with the latest space-saving ideas such as practical bunk beds with drawers, loft beds or desk corners with wheeled drawers, shelving units with suspended beds, cribs and desks that slide at different heights. Once again, you will find a myriad of colors just right for girls or boys, from chamomile to moonlight, blueberry to waterlilly and even tomato. To finish the look, choose from chairs in eco-leather, customized wall desks, wall-to-wall sectional closets, in fresh, fun color palettes, as joyful as a rainbow. We even have single beds that fuse innovative materials with modern design. Come see our paintable cribs, which allow children to draw their imaginative drawings on and then wash it all off and start again. All this and more, to keep your youngest cozy, safe and dreaming happily.